About Us

Newport Wholesalers Inc. was formed in 1991 and has grown its sales and inventory every year in the dry goods and confectionery wholesaling and distribution business.

We strictly adhere to our company formula, “a commitment to quality and service throughout the grocery wholesaling industry.” Our goal is to offer the best prices in the confectionery and dry goods services industry along with service you can count on. Our custom order fill rate and on time delivery is our #1 priority.

Newport Wholesalers, Inc. recognizes our customers have a choice. It is imperative that we deliver shipments on time, every time. It is service and price that has enabled us to be in business for over 24 years. As one of the leading wholesalers in the grocery industry our featured products are national name brands direct from the manufacturer to your grocery shelves.

The two partners formed the company over 24 years ago. Partner and business development leader, Ira Schwartz has extensive product knowledge unparalleled in the grocery wholesale redistribution industry. His ability to source product at the most competitive prices has enabled the company to successfully thrive in a highly-competitive industry.

Business owner and director, Howard Lewis brings a unique managerial experience to the company. His degree in finance allows Newport Wholesalers, Inc. to successfully take advantage of the many market inefficiencies that allow our direct customers the highest quality of service, competitive market pricing and reliability.

The business operates two warehouse facilities in South Florida. The two facilities occupy 112 Sq Ft. and 17 Sq. Ft. of space and is designated to temperature control to handle the confectionery Stock Keeping Units (sku’s). Additionally, we turn our inventory 10 times a year.

The average tenure of the warehousing, trucking and administrative staff is 14 years. That is a strong statement to the commitment of both quality and customer service stemming from our employees. Our traffic Manager has been with the company for 14 years. His staff has an average tenure of 11 years with TRUCKING AND SHIPPING.

Trucking at Newport Wholesalers, Inc. is reliable and efficient in getting certain products delivered on time without delays. The process must be carefully done in order to ensure the safety of the goods while it travels to local and national grocery destinations within the U.S.

As wholesalers, we provide competitive pricing, direct from the manufacturer and sell to major grocery chains and wholesalers. We have a fleet of company owned semi-trucks taking goods from loading docks and delivering them to some of the largest grocery stores and supermarkets in the Nation.

We have recruited industry employees with great dedication and wholesaling experience in the nature of our brand product lines with quality assurance being a top priority. We believe that the ordering process, organization and ease of operational services is unparalleled in our industry. That’s why our customers to keep coming back to us.

We have set the standards in the dry goods and confectionery grocery wholesaling business with our expert level of customer service.

Our services that you can exclusively only acquire from us are the following:

  • Domestic shipping
  • Nationwide trucking services
  • Complete import and export documentation
  • On time delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery

One great secret to our success is that we closely work with our clients to understand the nature of their business in order to determine and deliver the solutions they need. In everything we do, there’s one mission that is striving us to do our best to remain true, and that is to deliver high quality national brand products and service for our loyal customers.

Our ambition is to continually train our talented people and draw our values to provide high quality and consistent brand grocery items and confectionery goods from coast to coast.

With many years of experience in the wholesale and retail business, we establish long-term relationships with our suppliers and shipping resources. We know and understand the expectations that our customers have come to experience. That is why we are dedicated consistently to meeting their needs not only today but also in the future.

We are well-known in the industry for going the extra mile with a ‘we can do’ and ‘we will do’ whatever it takes to be leading contenders Nationwide in providing factory direct national brand grocery items at the best prices.

You can depend on Newport Wholesalers, Inc. to deliver on time, quality grocery shelve items. Partnering and building long lasting relationships with grocery buyers, procurement managers, and sellers for decades. We pride ourselves as having a consistent reputation for easy ordering, streamlined billing and accounting service in addition to strict quality assurance protocols.

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